We’ll Help Develop a Pest Control Program to Meet the Specific Needs of Your Business or Industry

A comprehensive pest control program is critical for many different types of businesses: without a reliable pest control program, they face penalties, fines or, even worse, closure.

Here are some of the most common types of businesses that we help by providing a pest control program to meet their specific needs:

Pest Protection Plus :: Pest Control Programs for Restaurants & Foodservice Businesses

Restaurants & Foodservice

Because of the plentiful supply of food, restaurants and foodservice businesses are a natural target for insects and small animals such as mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, potato bugs, and all sorts of flying insects. These pests can carry many kinds of unpleasant disease and bacteria, can eat food products and can spread feces and urine throughout food storage and preparation areas.

As such, regional, provincial and federal governments enforce strict food safety program requirements, including pest control management. Regulatory compliance requirements include bait and trap stations, a program of regular checks and regular inspections.

Protect your customers and business with a comprehensive pest control program.

Pest Protection Plus :: Proudly Serving the Property Management Industry

Property Management

When you’re managing many different aspects of many different facilities, it makes good sense to have a network of trusted partners that you can count on to do the job right. Look no further than Pest Protection Plus for all your commercial wildlife control and pest management needs!

We love working with property management companies to help them keep their facilities running smoothly, and to make them look like superstars to the building owners and managers. With regularly scheduled pest control programs and a full range of on-demand services, we’ll help keep your buildings running smoothly and in full compliance.

Trust Pest Protection Plus as the wildlife and pest control partner for all your buildings!

Pest Protection Plus :: Pest Control Programs for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare & Personal Wellness

Ensuring that you’re managing and operating a clean and sterile facility is critical if you’re dealing with patient health and well-being. Don’t let unwanted insects or wildlife deteriorate the level of excellence offered by your practice.

With professionally trained technicians and commercial-grade products you can’t buy at the store, we offer regular maintenance programs or on-demand services for all your pest and wildlife control needs.

Trust our pest control experts to help you develop a pest control program to keep your healthcare or wellness facility clean and safe for your patients. Contact us and let’s get started!

Pest Protection Plus :: Pest Control Programs for Hospitality and Hotels


Whether you own or manage a hotel, Airbnb, resort or other type of lodging business, you need to protect the reputation of your establishment by ensuring that your facilities are impeccable and your guests satisfied with their stay. With the reach and speed of social media being what it is today, any issues that your guests have with their stay can have a huge impact on your ratings and reviews before you even know something has happened.

Having a comprehensive pest management program can help make sure that your guests don’t have any unwanted visitors. We can keep pests and wildlife out of your premises with a regularly scheduled preventative program or a full range of on-demand services.

Make sure your online reputation doesn’t suffer because of uninvited guests in your premises. Trust the experts at Pest Protection Plus!

Pest Protection Plus :: Pest Control Programs for Retail and Grocery Stores

Retail & Grocery

It’s a fact of life: if you hold boxes, racks and other containers of product in a storage area, there’s a good chance that insects, rodents and other types of pests won’t be far away. Make the product food and beverage and you’ll almost surely be dealing with unwanted pests and wildlife.

Not only can pests and wildlife cause unsanitary conditions by dropping feces and urine wherever they go, but they can cause damage to your products and facility. Couple that with the impact of your customers actually seeing any of these insects or animals and you’ll see that pest and wildlife control is one of the most important considerations for any retailer or grocery store.

Let us customize a regular pest control program to make sure you don’t have any pest or wildlife related issues, protecting your customers, business and products.

Pest Protection Plus :: Pest Control Programs for Long term Storage

Long-Term Storage

Long-term storage facilities are typically located on the outer limits of urban areas, which means that natural areas like woodlands, farmland and wetlands usually aren’t that far away. What it also means is that the insects, rodents and other types of wildlife that live in those natural areas aren’t too far away, either. With little human activity, plenty of shelter and sometimes even food sources, long-term storage facilities are the perfect haven for rodents, birds, raccoons, squirrels, squirrels and other types of wildlife.

Your renters surely wouldn’t want to see these types of insects or animals around your facility, and especially not the unit they’re renting, so it’s important to keep these unwanted nuisances away. Our commercial pest control experts will develop a wildlife and pest management program just for you, to ensure your facility and it’s contents are well protected. Call us and let’s get started on a program that’s right for you!


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